Sky Aces: World War II

Sky Aces: World War II 1

WWII fighter pilot game

Sky Aces: World War II is a fighter pilot video game set during World War II, including mission scenes that take place across the globe, as did the war. As with all the Sky Aces series, the plane models have been crafted meticulously for all the historical fighter plane fans. The game features easy controls of the plane that allow you to focus more on the action and less on flying the plane. Sky Aces: World War II isn't really meant to be a simulator, so if you're looking for a simulation experience, you might want to try a different game. Planes are based on real models, including German, Russian, American, English, and Japanese planes. With more than 300 missions and 10 campaigns, plus three levels of difficulty, Sky Aces: World War II could be a good game for anyone keen on fighter planes or World War II.